The Difficulties Recruitment Businesses Have Sourcing Their Own Staff

The business of recruiting is a hard game pure and simple. Although being a recruitment consultant can be a very lucrative career, at the start of a recruitment career one will put in a lot of hours and free work for little reward. Recruitment Consultants don’t deal with inanimate products but rather living, breathing, thinking, feeling and always unpredictable human beings. As a recruitment consultant you are dealing with the only product that, no matter how agreeable the client is to purchasing, can turn around and tell you “no”.

Jobs in recruitment require such qualities as perseverance, patience and ambition to name a few, virtues only found in a minority of the workforce as well as long hours and a great deal of stress, especially at the start of such a career. As a result, unless an agency has access to recently graduated, young college students, the majority of individuals who possess these qualities are usually not looking for careers as a recruitment consultant but rather, some other career that they feel would be more rewarding. This presents a problem for recruitment agencies in filling their needs for recruitment jobs.

As social media takes over the world it presents another problem for a recruitment consultant that makes jobs in recruitment appear even less appealing. The presence of such job websites as Monster, Simply Hired, CareerBuilder and Linked In allow companies looking for employees to skip the middleman and have direct access to a plethora of talent. In order to attract clients a recruitment consultant must sell themselves and their abilities to their clients to be able to target and attract the most talented prospects to fill their staffing needs. This is a tall order to fill when competing with the vast resources the internet provides to some of these potential clients.

Here lies the problem for recruitment agency in recruiting their employees to fill recruitment jobs. How does an agency focus on finding bodies to fill jobs in recruitment within their own company when so much time must be devoted to finding people to fill the needs of their clients? The answer is recruitment to recruitment. Recruitment to recruitment agencies focus on finding the most talented employees to fill the staffing needs of a recruitment agency. A recruitment to recruitment agency lifts the burden spending time searching for qualified recruitment consultants that would be better spent on developing new clients, following up on leads, locating employee talent for existing clients and completing other tasks that contribute to being a successful and profitable recruitment agency. Find a good recruitment to recruitment agency and you will have found an invaluable partner in the success and growth of your recruitment business.

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